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YOUnique Experiences

With over 15 years of experience, Marianne St Clair, ensures even the most discerning of spiritual seekers and seasoned travelers a truly lavish and life-enhancing experience, as well as:

Variety – An immense collection of featured YOUnique Experiences at prestigious resorts, exotic and private locations, sumptuous and breath taking destinations and more

Exclusive Upgrades – Special access to select amenities not available anywhere else

Customization – Extraordinary spiritual travel adventures tailored to your personal tastes to fulfill your dreams and the unfolding of your Higher Self

Value –

Expertise – Unprecedented spiritual wisdom through many lifetimes as an muse, intuitive, healer, mystic, sage, teacher of consciousness vibration, sound resonance and energy, inspiring and teaching a gentle path of re-membrance, massage therapist, accomplished photographer, artist and truth seeker.

YOUnique Experiences is the perfect way for you or your group to evolve during one of our varying length spiritual learning adventures. We offer new ideas and itineraries to serve the differing interests of today’s spiritual wisdom seekers. I will assist you, in designing the trip that resonates with you, whether it is luxurious trip you are looking for because you need pampering. rest and rejuvenation or a ancient heritage cultural quest,we are there to cater your needs.

You will be supported and guided even before you embark on your YOUnique Experience by many online resources available, pre coaching calls, and my personal attention to you.

Our focus is on your natural beauty as you begin to shed the many layers of old beliefs and patterns that are limiting you. It is time to rid yourself of your past burdens so you can travel lightly, drop your agendas, drop your reins and learn to trust, open your mind and expand your perception as you begin to see the world with child-like eyes, ignite your imagination, dream it forward , stand in your power, embrace your child-like qualities of play, wonder, newness, excitement and adventure as you begin to LIVE a deeper richer connected YOU.

All of our roles and specialties will be changing and evolving to accommodate the fall of an old order and the ascent of a new kind of world. It is time we all acknowledge this as Truth and have the courage to let go of the ego’s stronghold and control of who we think we are to allow for our truer light and wisdom to then support the process that is already at hand, and has been for many ages, throughout many realms.

CONVERSATIONS AND PLAY will act as the CONDUIT THAT CONNECTS THE DOTS BETWEEN where your LIFE IS NOW TO THE SELF you most long to connect with.