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Beyond your 5 senses

Unleash your full power and potential, and learn how to Tune IN to a space of deep transformation – where the real magic happens!


Why do we use one data point when multiple ones are available? 

As a leader in any organization, you would never be making a good decision based on the limited view of one data point. It would be far too limiting. It would be as reckless as making business decisions on the data point of income alone. There are so many other factors to consider like the impact of expenses that may be greater than income. When it comes to accessing all the bits of intelligence that are available to us limiting ourselves to the rational thinking is just as reckless. We need a multi-sensory approach, beyond our 5 senses, that allows us to maximize the diversity of information sources that are naturally available to us. Tapping all of our senses opens us up to the possibility of making wiser decisions. Anything else is just short-sighted!

Rational intelligence has certainly seen its dominance challenged. We have to come to realize that there are so many other intelligence like emotional, spiritual, etc. Once we pull the covers off just the rational intelligence lens, we see that we will need more than just our heads to broaden our access to the other intelligence available to us. We will need to unleash the multi-sensory nature of a more fully embodied knowledge and wisdom. It is time to TUNE IN and TURN ON!

 Welcome to the Multi-Sensory Playground to facilitate your learning experience. Information
I want to tell you why I believe the approach I teach is so important…
The world around us continues to get more complex and uncertain, and the pace of change keeps speeding up.
Personally and professionally we are faced with a bewildering amount of choice each day.

It is important to expand beyond the rational thinking of your mind and begin to respond to the world with more creativity, resilience and freedom from your heart. If you continue to ignore the wisdom of the body you remain disconnected from your direct and expanded experience.

You miss the huge amount of wisdom in the present moment because you are too busy in your head thinking.

Our natural state is evolving into our full embodiment of our soul, unencumbered by thought forms, negative emotional encodings, and all disharmonic frequencies that inhibit the pure joy, fluidity, and harmony that is the goodness of life as Divine wisdom, love, and creativity.

  • How to live from heart’s unrestricted vibration so the body and mind oscillate at the unified frequency.
  • Imagine if you could see how the totality (emotions, thinking, feeling and actions) arises in the moment as a reaction to the world.
  • How the totality of yourself opens up radically to new possibilities, choice and a sense of presence for you.
  • How to use the body as a powerful gateway into your world, and how the wisdom present there can take your relationships to a much deeper and more intimate level.
  • Different techniques to be present in the moment, and tune into a deeper level of your own experience so that insights and growing self-awareness occur.
  • How to move into greater levels of freedom and move past the pain and limiting beliefs.
  • Tools and techniques that help you increase your pleasure acknowledging the creativity and resilience you already possess.
  • How to access your limiting conditioning into your awareness so that you have increased the choice of action, fluidity, and freedom.

The wholeness emanates from the heart into a multidimensional unity of heart, mind, and body. It is only from the heart where the light and dynamism of love and creativity are expressed in the life of the world. The heart is the ground and infinite beyond of all wisdom, compassion, and mercy.