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Mastering Life From The Boardroom to The Bedroom

A Gentle-man Leads With His Heart

A Gentle-man Leads With His Heart In All Areas of His Life.

Living in your head and protecting your heart can make you feel disconnected, held back in life, numb and depressed.

Having a spouse or relationship, etc., presents unique challenges and can be too exhausting, right?
They can seem like more of a burden and can demand more of your already over committed time, leave you feeling overwhelmed, battered and emotionally bankrupt. Those feelings transfer over and affect your work and self-esteem.

You have found safety in your comfort zone with your walls up.

It is easier to escape into an addiction like porn, television, alcohol, workaholic, drugs or some other self-numbing mechanism.


If you are off your game in your personal life it affects your professional life.


When was the last time you felt real joy and deep connection in your relationship?Nose to the grind

Does your relationship lack in communication? Are you enjoying times of sex, connection, and intimacy?  Or do you find yourself looking to external sources for stimulation and fulfillment?

Do you carry a lot of shame around sex and your sexual desires and have nowhere to turn?

Are you wanting more fulfillment from your sex and intimacy?

Do you find yourself not wanting to be the strong warrior all the time and wishing someone could just hold and love you?


If you are looking for:

  • Deeper feelings of love, trust and appreciation?
  • More sexual confidence as an individual?
  • The ability to be kinder to yourself and share your love with those you care about?
  • Increased productivity, power, and potential with getting more done in less time?
  • The strength to bounce forward as you face life’s challenges?
  • The courage to trust yourself and make better decisions involving your life and love?
  • The feeling of happiness and joy in every area of your life?

The Single Biggest Indicator of Lifelong Happiness IS
The Quality of Your Relationships



So let me ask you a question.

Doesn’t it just make logical sense to INVEST in the very thing that is going to bring you the most fulfillment, happiness, and joy in your life?


As a Coach and Muse, I will meet you where you are with an open heart.  I will not judge you because we all have scars, wounds and have had our share of broken hearts when it comes to love and being loved.

I don’t know who were your teachers or role models who showed you how to love or not love were along the way; perhaps you had a mother who emasculated you or never showed you love, an absent father due to divorce or his job, the girlfriend who dumped you in grammar or high school for perhaps your best friend, the guys in the locker room who edged you on to put checks on your headboard, your older peers that were that made you feel incompetent unless you were having sex, the partner you loved that never loved you back, the vampire that just took and never gave in return, someone that violated you without your permission, television, porn, sex magazines etc., but those experiences have left you where you are now.

 Every Man Longs to Feel Intimacy

Known for my desire to assist men and women to grow both spiritually and sexually. As a muse, my gifts are unique that I bring forth an awakening of the mind, body, and spirit and create a softening of hardened hearts in a very subtle and compassionate way that I have developed over 30 years.

When a man and woman are spiritually and sexually liberated from the baggage they have carried it is then infinitely possible for true love to be exchanged.

I guarantee my work with you will assist you to grow spiritually and FEEL a deeper LOVE than you most likely have ever felt.


When you decide you want to experience more schedule a 30-minute discovery call below with the founder of Boardroom to Bedroom, Muse Marianne.

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