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Letter To Men

You have to “pay to play” is one of the most widely known mottos in the corporate world. It’s a passionate and prideful statement often used to goad other men into making bold decisions, taking greater risks and thinking outside of the proverbial box in their own lives…and it’s completely incorrect. In fact, that motto should read “it PAYS to PLAY”, and here’s exactly why.

In my many years of corporate experience, I’ve seen men take up this challenge with bravado on their faces, but fear in their eyes. Many of these men fail to attain their goals. This is NOT the failure of the man himself, but the eroded confidence that he has in his inner sensuality to draw from. Confidence certainly isn’t new, but in today’s corporate establishment, confidence is a new power. Success is not a tangible thing, but a state of mind. Assurance and passion will decide who exceeds and excels in their corporate ambitions.

On the other side of the coin, there are millions of men that are so caught up in achieving success decided by another man’s method, that they let their own inner passion slip away. There is nothing more troubling than to see great men of immense potential fail, especially since they do not have to. With that, I’d like to introduce you to your secret weapon in the battle of executive confidence.

My name is Marianne St Clair and I would like to reignite your inner fire, restore lost passion and sustain your confidence. Making Love to the World; from the Boardroom to the Bedroom is a very powerful idea that I’ve created, cultivated and perfected into an efficient and wildly successful plan to help you take on the world by the horns and drag it kicking and screaming toward your goal.

Most men already know this, but success, REAL success begins at home. You aspire to provide for your family, meet their needs and pamper them. That pursuit drives you forward and sets your focus on providing for them. Even the most powerful men in the world have failed, but they know the secret to recharges your batteries…and it’s so simple that you probably haven’t even thought of it. Passion at home leads to prowess in business.

Success won’t find you. You need to find it, and I’m the messenger, the navigator if you will, to help you bring that ship of success into port.

Be A Man With Open Arms & Open Heart Ready to Embrace the Virtues of Feminine Divinity