Find Your Oasis in a World Wrought with Tension and Stress.

Intimacy (or Erotic Hypnosis) is a specialized therapy that conditions through pleasure. It allows you to live your life emotionally pain-free and fully orgasmic, meaning your mind and body can express a full range of feelings and emotions. This freedom helps you to perform better in both your personal and professional life.

My Approach & Philosophy

Gideon James, Professional Hypnotist

I’m professional hypnotist Gideon James and B2B is my gift to every woman, executive or not, who knows there is more to life than work, family, and sleep. For the last forty-plus years, women have continually found the need to move from home life to corporate life, often filling both roles. To “keep up” with the fast-paced corporate world, a woman must compete and work “like a man” to succeed.

Because of this belief, many of the traits that would help a woman be more competitive and creative get buried. Our goal at Boardroom to Bedroom is to share, teach, and train a woman to use her natural strength and ability to integrate the intelligent, confident, and creative person she is. Normally, a woman is told the sexy, feminine, and beautiful attributes of her nature only make it harder for her to succeed; her female attributes only hold her back. This part of her is buried deep inside and begging to be released.

How can you achieve, if half of you is missing? You can’t. The only answer is by becoming emotionally pain-free and utilizing the complete woman within you.

Your feminine sexuality is an embedded part of your creative spark. Through our hypnosis program, you will discover the most basic part of your psyche; intimacy and sexual desire are at the heart of your creativity, focus, and drive.
By freeing yourself to full expression, there is nothing to hold you back. You will find pleasure in everything you do.

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